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We are a leading service provider in environmental safety. Year after year, we provide exceptional asbestos removal services throughout the North East. Safety is our top priority during the testing, removal and containment process.

We provide a quality service for handling asbestos, testing and removal. Our experienced and highly trained specialists are skilled in the latest environmental service techniques to make sure your home or office building remains free and clear of asbestos and other potentially harmful substances. When you call us, you can be sure that our team goes above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The danger of asbestos

Asbestos has created a serious problem for both contractors renovating older structures and the do-it-yourself weekend warrior bringing their older home up-to-date. The substance has a nasty reputation and rightfully so. That is because asbestos was a commonly used material in construction for many years before scientists and doctors discovered its harmful long-lasting effects on people.

Since that fatal discovery, builders have been prohibited from using asbestos during the construction process. It’s great news that such a harmful substance is no longer used for building construction, but for those homeowners or contractors updating older structures, that former process is a burden on the renovation process.

Non- Notifiable asbestos product removal

This work is mainly for less hazardous Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs) where you are knowingly going to break the material containing asbestos in order to remove it.

It is still necessary to notify the HSE, but this can be done on the same day via the HSE web portal. A RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement or Plan of Work) still needs to be produced for these works, and site operatives still require the correct level of training.

Examples of Non- Notifiable asbestos removal:

  • Textured Coating (Artex) removal
  • Cement Roof removal
  • Asbestos encapsulation

Contractor compliance

This work does not require a licenced contractor, but all contractors must satisfy the following:

  • All workers carrying out NNLW (Notifiable Non-licenced Work) projects must have had a medical examination (chest and a lung function test).
  • Operatives carrying out NNLW (Notifiable Non-licenced Work) must be able to demonstrate competency.
  • Employers need to keep a register and health record for each employee exposed to asbestos. The health record must include the nature and duration of work with asbestos.

Higher risk activity

NNLW (Notifiable Non-licenced Work) can also cover some high risk licenced asbestos removal work that is carried over a short period of time.

Asbestos-containing materials, including cement sheets and floor tiles, will be non-licenced if they have been kept in good condition. However, some types may become more friable when they are worked on, and will therefore require the appropriate regulatory body to be informed. This would then be classed as NNLW.